DEVIntersection Spring 2016

Come out to Orlando, April 16-22 at the Disney Swan Hotel and see me and my friends speak about all of the latest and greatest technology.

REGISTER using the code BOYER and save $$$. Register before March 1 for a workshop package and get your choice of Microsoft Band 2, Surface 3, or XBOX ONE.

I'll talking about Getting Started with the Modern Web Toolchain - Bower, gulp, npm may or may not be new terms to you when sitting down for your next application. Getting an understanding of what these tools can do to help inside and outside of your IDE will streamline your development team to a faster path to production. Check out this session for a quick intro into these tools.

Countdown to DEVIntersection 2016 from Richard Campbell

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Hi, I'm Shayne Boyer, I write this site, work on ASP.NET Core content and Open Source, speak at national and community events while helping teams architect web and cloud applications.

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