dotnet-azure : A .NET Core global tool to deploy an application to Azure in one command


The options for pushing your .NET Core application to the cloud are not lacking depending on what IDE or editor you have in front of you.

Visual Studio has a rich GUI interface with choices to pick pursuant to the architecture of your app - Web, Containers, SQL Server, Registries, etc.; and for years has excelled at delivering a full experience.

VS Code offers a great Azure extension pack and in its own fashion delivers an experience to publish your web application directly to an AppService, Container and/or Registry too.

If the command line experience is more your "thing", the Azure CLI is available and any resource publish option can be had through the az command.

But what if you just wanted to deploy your application to Azure with a single command?


dotnet-azure is a .NET Core global tool and available via NuGet. To install run the following command.

dotnet tool install dotnet-azure --global  

Requirements - An Azure account is required, get one for FREE at


Each command has a -h|--help option available.

dotnet azure -h|--help


Usage: dotnet-azure [options] [command]

  -?|-h|--help  Show help information

  deploy        Deploy application to Azure App Service. Options are used for [NEW] application deployments only.
  login         Login into Azure


Run login command first to authenticate against your Azure account. You'll be prompted to use a code and URL to authenticate.

dotnet azure login

To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code XXXXXXXXX to authenticate.  


Use defaults, random generated application and resource group name. The current directory is assumed for application for deployment.


dotnet azure deploy  

Pass project folder.

dotnet azure deploy \mynewproject  

Pass all options.

dotnet azure deploy --location westus --name fancywebapp --group fancywebgroup --plan BasicB1  

Short hand for location, name, and group

dotnet azure deploy -l eastus2 -n fancywebapp -g fancygroup  

Full help output for deploy command.

Deploy an application to Azure App Service. Options are used for [NEW] application deployments only.

Usage: dotnet-azure deploy [arguments] [options]


  -?|-h|--help                       Show help information
  -n|--name <APP_NAME>               Name of application, must be unique.
  -l|--location <LOCATION>           Region or location of app deployment. (eastus, westus, etc.)
  -g|--group <RESOURCE_GROUP>        Resource group name to create and use for deployment.
  -p|--plan <APP_SERVICE_PLAN_TYPE>  Type of App Service Plan to create for application. Options (BasicB1, SharedD1, FreeF1, PremiumP1 - more info )

What's Next?

Install it, provide feedback. Have ideas, contribute. Is this a good thing? Let me know @spboyer

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