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Use serverless functions and CDN to speed up API data calls

ASP.NET Core 2.1 added some great features for making external API calls easier to manage when there are network failures, or the service itself might be down. Scott Hanselman has a great series of posts where he has updated to take advantage of these features. Announcement on HttpClientFactory and documentation at Download .NET Core 2.1 Using Polly we can set up a retry policy, stating a number of retries to attempt and at what interval. services.AddHttpClient<MyClient>(). AddTransientHttpErrorPolicy(policyBuilder => policyBuilder.CircuitBreakerAsync( handledEventsAllowedBeforeBreaking: 2, durationOfBreak: TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1) )); As I was reading through the docs and making the changes to the ASP.NET Core workshop, it struck me to push this...